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Betty B s Having a Party! Now home cooks can too with 32 holiday-themed dinner-party menus that will make party guests rave. Nothing beats a cozy dinner party celebrating with friends gathered around your table for a delicious meal. More than 250 easy-to-follow recipes make it easy to host the perfect party for a range of special occasions, including: Holiday Dinner Party: Sweet Bourbon Salmon Fillet, Sauteed Julienne Carrots, Roasted Asparagus and Fuzzy Navel Cake. New Year s Eve Celebration: Show-Stopping Torte, Burgundy Mushrooms and Upside-Down Bananas Foster Cake German Lenten Dinner: Brats & Kraut Spatzel, German Potato Pancakes, Red Cabbage, Black Forest Cherry Cake Easter Dinner: Strawberry-Melon Spinach Salad, Stuffed Fresh Ham, Chet s Potatoes, Black and White Cream Pie Mexican Fiesta: Mexican Two-Bean Salad, Tangy Taco Ring, King Ranch Cheesy Casserole, and Mexican Banana Pudding Betty B takes the guesswork out of putting together flavorful and practical menus, so anyone can be a confident and stress-free party host.

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