Vidalia Onion Picante Hot Sauce


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Vidalia Onion Picante Hot Sauce – 5oz
Add a little Southwestern flair to your meals by using Vidalia Onion Picante Hot Sauce. This is a staple sauce we take great pride in for its flavorful zest and carefully curated recipe. Every meal deserves great flavor! Ingredients in this sauce include chili peppers, bell peppers, and jalapenos to provide a full, rich flavor to your meal for a great flavor profile. This is a sauce that is very flavorful while not being overpowering in terms of hotness for the best of both worlds. Use this sauce on your meat or chicken recipes and your guests will surely come back for seconds. Pair our Vidalia Onion Picante Hot Sauce with everything from the best seafood to chicken wings or even add some to your pizza for the right kick of flavor. This is a sauce for all occasions to bring rich flavor to life with every bite. This classic sauce is great with any meal from adding some to your scrambled eggs in the morning to adding some to your beloved Jambalaya recipe at dinner. Whether adding it to a recipe or just topping off your meal with a flavorful addition, this is a sauce you definitely need in your pantry!

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